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Doniel Gudeman


Behavioral Health Tech, Life Coach, Biblical Counselor, Certified Family Trauma Professional

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Doniel Gudeman is a behavioral health tech, life coach, and biblical counselor with more than 30 years experience in and out of Christian ministry. He has a BA in Religion and Ministry and MA in Biblical Counseling from Luther Rice College and Seminary.  He has been trained and certified as a trauma professional (CTP) and a family trauma professional (CFTP), and has been trained in the treatment of complex-PTSD.  He is passionate about helping others in a combined scientific and Biblical fashion from a trauma perspective.  His passion has led him to teach classes to train people in essential life skills that have proven to help people improve the quality of their lives.  He is passionate about helping people:

  • Improve the quality of their personal life

  • Improve the quality of their relationships

  • Move forward past their trauma

  • Gain healthy life skills

  • Utilize their faith in their personal growth

Don has a wide range of experiences and interests.  He is a self-proclaimed theology geek, a handyman, a lover of comedy, nature, photography, music, traveling, woodworking, reading, writing, teaching, cooking, and eating.  His favorite food group is pizza.  He considers vegetables to be a condiment that he puts on his food. His current favorite pastimes include riding, playing his mandolins, and listening to audiobooks.

Specialty Areas

  • Life Skills

  • Trauma/PTSD

  • Marriage

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